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Most dramatically Gender Gap Closing; findings offer new path to accelerate progress towards the Child Health.

For young adults aged 25 to 34, most their education their training, the education gap between men and women narrows in total. By 2009, women had. Higher levels of education than men in 87 countries, including Qatar, Malaysia and the Philippines Yet, in 40 countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nepal Theseer gap was larger in 2009 than in 1970.

This subgroup could potentially benefit from an intensive approach, since a stem cell transplant in remission increasingly available, even in this age group. The authors explain that, without stem cell transplantation, the high recurrence rate in these high-risk patients an intensive an intensive approach may be still considered only palliative majority of patients the disease will be in two years. Only a stem cell transplant seems curative approach curative approach in these high-risk patients. In the past, stem cell transplantation with an excess toxicity and mortality in these elderly patients has been associated with, and only recently improved stem cell transplantation protocols are available that allow this approach also in AML patients over 60 years.

Risk factors known to affect the chances of CR risk include: age at diagnosis, serum concentration of lactate dehydrogenase* at diagnosis, leukemia secondary to a previous haematological disease, including various bone marrow-related conditions, secondary leukemia at an earlier treatment with chemotherapy or radiation therapy for another disease .This research was supported by the NIH awards, that Burroughs Wellcome Fund support program the pathogenesis of infectious disease, which Crohns Disease and Colitis Foundation of America, and CR Hauser Fellowship.

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