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For 2004, ICD-10 codes for UCOD NVDRS been not reported for 2773 of deaths. Due to the high %age of missing UCOD codes, categorizes this report deaths associated only with the manner of death by abstractors. The abstractor assigned manner of death and UCOD ICD-10 codes were amount consistent in 99.0 percent and 96.5 percent of suicides and homicides each in 2003 and 95.3 percent and 93.1 percent of suicides and homicides in 2004. Analysis of the in-state rates was deaths, including both residents and nonresidents restricted. This report reflects data collected NVDRS to June 2005.. NVDRS is an active, state – based surveillance system that provides information about murders, suicides, deaths undetermined intent , deaths due to legal intervention and accidental gun deaths.

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