Our childrens centers are familiar community areas.

‘Our children’s centers are familiar community areas, where many people already feel relaxed and welcome. Parents could come and the skillser , for example,, for example, but might also be able to ask for help with issues like healthy eating, finances, self-esteem, or domestic violence. So for us, with drugs and alcohol advice and support for young AddAction seemed a natural extension of the service we received. Already providing for our communities ‘.

We hope that this event will go a long way to show the people how we work and providing high quality support over a broad range of topics, go positive positive changes to their lives. .. He adds: I think that at Young AddAction Liverpool our partnerships quite unique in terms of the variety of support that they be able to offer us – in if that is left in sexual health education, bereavement counseling, housing or help training and training opportunities.The alcohol education proposed approach factual information through of alcohol and its implications no bonding to drink either personal goals personal goals to alcoholic alcohol. The brief motivational interventions increased same information, But she did in framework of the student their own experience with alcohol: Why does they are drinking, times, and what her blood blood alcohol level after heavy alcohol consumption.

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