Pride National Childbirth Trust

Pride National Childbirth Trust, UK says as National Breastfeeding Awareness Week approaches NCT identification the week by encouraging NCT offices nationwide hosting events and activities in their area .

The ‘most telling sign ‘of some social conservatives ‘gnawing dissatisfaction ‘in a letter to Bush last month, complaining that his government has been consistently rejected federal funding for abstinence-only sex education programs, the Journal reports. The letter, which was Republican Republican social conservative leaders, noted ‘We are HHS grant decisions for sex education programs ‘weakening ‘Bush’s policy to support of abstinence only education. HHS HHS spokesperson said that the Bush administration ‘strongly supports abstinence education ‘, but that the process for abstinence-only education funding is an ‘extremely ‘competitive. ‘We are only in a position to finance a small fraction of applications ‘for abstinence-only funding, the spokesman said.

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