Professor Jordan.

Professor Jordan, who also heads a research group on disorders of the autonomic nervous system in the MDC, and his colleagues point out that patients with severe blood pressure when standing , and other disorders of the autonomic nervous system drops are tested antibodies against ganglionic acetylcholine receptors.

Removing the removing the antibodies and their formation by drugs, proved the clinician that it is actually the autoantibodies of the patient severe neurological disorder caused. Therefore the patient’s body ,, however, unknown.

* Plasma Exchange Primary Autoimmune Autonomic FailureChristoph Schroeder, Steven Vernino, Andreas L. Birkenfeld, Jens Tank, Karsten Heusser, Axel Lipp, Thomas Benter, Carsten Lindschau, Ralph Kettritz, Friedrich C.) And Helios Klinikum – all in London and the Department of Neurology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas .

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