Pu and Zhou keeps his discovery to be a happy accident erectional dysfunction.

Pu and Zhou keeps his discovery to be a happy accident erectional dysfunction . Instead, they tried another gene, by deleting studying in the epicardium. ‘The tool we created for that experiment irreversibly marks the cells involved, so you can see where their descendants are heading in normal development, ‘Pu says. ‘Unexpectedly, we saw that these epicardial cells were always cardiomyocytes. It was a fortunate observation ‘.

DGFi allocated for the allocated for the prevention and treatment of delayed graft function with kidney transplantation. DGF is a syndrome, ischemia and reperfusion ischemia and reperfusion, which often occurs when in the kidney in the kidney from a donor and transplanted into the patient. In patients with DGF, the transplanted kidney is not function properly and requires intervention by dialysis. DGFi to temporarily inhibit the activity of the p53 gene, which, with apoptosis – programmed cell death, and it is believed that. Ischemia and reperfusion injury in the critical process DGFi uses the same active AtuRNAi molecule as AKIi – 5, which is for the treatment of cheese to develop acute renal injury.

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