Smog Linked to Organ Rejection.

The results show that both deaths and chronic rejection in lung transplant patients are connected with air pollution and exposure to traffic, Ruttens said. If polluting of the environment were decreased to below the known level recommended by the WHO, Ruttens said, ‘there would be a 9.9 % reduction in deaths among lung transplant patients who weren’t taking macrolides, and 6.4 % reduction among all patients, of whether they were taking macrolides regardless.’ The use of macrolides appears to protect patients against the devastating effects of polluting of the environment, he concluded. Studies presented at meetings are typically considered preliminary because they are not at the mercy of the same scrutiny seeing that published research..Regarding to BHF Director General, Peter Hollins, children have lost contact with even the standard foods no longer understand what they are eating. In a survey carried out by the charity which interviewed 1,000 children, it was found that one in three didn’t know that chips were made from potatoes. Apparently as many as one in ten thought chips were made mostly from oil, while some suggested eggs, flour and even apples. The quality of food eaten by kids remains a sizzling political concern after a high-profile marketing campaign by television chef Jamie Oliver attemptedto tackle the problem of childhood obesity and diet plan.. Aetna announces first-dollar insurance coverage for H1N1 flu vaccine administration Aetna announced today that it will provide first-dollar coverage for the administration of the H1N1 flu vaccine for most of its fully-insured health plan members, and for all members of self-funded programs unless directed by the plan sponsor otherwise.