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The Public Health Agency of Canada would like the people who work with animals to remind operational precautions their risk their risk of exposure to simian foamy viruses virus. Some risk of some risk of infection, including people. Zoos, public or private biomedical research facilities and shelters.

Safe Harbor StatementThe information in this press release may contain certain forward looking statements under the Private Securities Litigation close Reform Act of 1995. Such statements may relate current expectations regarding future events, including the current and future development of T? 4 and possible future benefits to the Company, its shareholders and patients. Due to the nature of product development and regulatory approval, the forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, including those reflected in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, particularly its latest annual report on Form 10 – K.The draft NAVMEC report about training of veterinary surgeons will already to be used to to design programs on veterinarian schools around the country. Which NAVMEC Report as well as NAVMEC reporting Feedback Form can be be downloaded here. The present consultation period is open input by the general public until Feb. The revised report be from the Association of by the Association of the American Veterinary Medical college March 2014.

Prevention, treatment and retinal imaging products Center is one of five unit within the center of of Eye Research Australia, by the outstanding center to mind research in Australia with a focus on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of eye disease, vision loss and blindness.. The Retinal Vascular Imaging Center is a cooperation between: The University of Melbourne, Centre for Eye Research Australia, Bakersfield Medical Research Institute, Diabetes Australia, The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Vincent Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Centre for vision Research at the University of Sydney, International Diabetes Institute, Pfizer Australia, National Stroke Research Institute and Monash University.