Some Sobering Stats on Kids and Consuming: MONDAY.

They don’t drink very fast or right from the bottle. Taylor said parents also need to model great drinking behavior. They shouldn’t describe alcoholic beverages as something they have to relieve stress, plus they should avoid drinking to excess before their children. The report urges pediatricians to ask kids about their contact with alcohol. If your physician wishes to talk to your kid alone, that’s recommended as an excellent approach to dealing with an adolescent, she said. Above all, parents shouldn’t assume that drinking is something that happens as a child grows older just, and that they haven’t any real way to slow or quit it, Taylor said. The new report noted that 80 % of teenagers say their parents are the biggest influence on their decision whether to drink, Taylor said..The ALAC statement coincides with the launch of the State of Tobacco Control 2009 national report card that grades the federal government, the 50 other says and DC. WHO: Jane Warner, President and CEO of ALAC Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin Richmond Council Member Tom Butt Public health and housing experts Richmond resident and lung health advocate WHERE: Richmond City Hall 450 Civic Center Plaza Richmond, CA 94804 WHAT: The report card grades how well each city and county is protecting its citizens against the deadly toll of tobacco.