Stand-Alone Medicare Drug Plans shows the average premium increase of 13 generic pharmacy.

13 generic pharmacy .2 percent, Stand-Alone Medicare Drug Plans shows the average premium increase of 13.2 percent, higher than projected by CMS, says Rep. WaxmanOpinion Piece Democrats are still on the warpath against the profit Medicare prescription drug despite of the success of the success roll Call executive editor Morton Kondracke writes in a commentary, adding that Democrats threaten to undermine future success if they of Congress of Congress, he writes. If the Democrats or from either the house of Representatives Senate, or both do not, they should try to improve on the set Medicare reform record of McClellan and the Bush administration – not undermine it with top-heavy government regulation. After Kondracke, The Congress should make sure that the reform agenda progress and doctors, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals compete stimuli on the basis of their ability to keep people healthy need – not just treat sick people set at the government rates. J. He concludes, If they can take over the control, Democrats need not only health care reform, but their own thinking (Kondracke, Roll Call.

Comments CMS Administrator Mark McClellan said in a statement: Congresswoman analysis is inaccurate and misleading because it is selective measures, only the plan options can use to can use to get their medications . McClellan added that 83 percent of Medicare beneficiaries currently enrolled in the prescription drug benefit, access to at least one prescription drug plan with lower premiums have 2007 . Than seven million Medicare beneficiaries in Medicare Advantage plans registered Waxman analysis includes only stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug plans that benefit about 16 million enrollees in the prescription drug.

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