The AIDS Support Organization.

‘The United Kingdom is one of the first countries to to to obtain A vaccine supply through contracts in place put the government in advance of the pandemic,’Minister from all four nations today the Council of the Joint Committee on vaccination and Immunisation to priority groups to priority groups for H1N1 vaccination. – ‘We are now working with the BMA and NHS organizations a comprehensive swine flu vaccine implementation plan for this first phase of the program to achieve.

Risk-benefit analysisexperts who advise on the most vulnerable groups and completed thorough risk-benefit analysis. The virus has been outlined so far disproportionately affected people in at-risk groups. Therefore our advice that these groups greatly from greatly from this vaccine at an early opportunity. Made when the children are also disproportionately affected by swine flu, making the vast majority of a full recovery. As such, the experts do not recommend that children who are not in high-risk groups should be vaccinated first.The AIDS Support Organization , to support of by Pfizer Inc., opened a new AIDS counseling and Training Centre here today, to playing a major role in the one of the organizational , he 50,000 registered HIV / AIDS patients.

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