The donation of drugs by pharmaceutical companies.

The donation of drugs by pharmaceutical companies, along with financial donations from foundations, is already a significant impact, inexpensive numbers with treatment for these diseases increased from virtually zero in 1986 to between 20 and 80 million people annually in 2006.

Professor Fenwick, from Imperial College London, argues that up to seven neglected tropical diseases such as river blindness could be brought under control, with infection by some eliminated entirely, if existing programs to increase their coverage.

In Africa, about 500 million people need treatment to control diseases such as disfiguring elephantiasis , river blindness , schistosomiasis, intestinal worms and the blinding eye infection trachoma.

Requires more resources to persuading decision makers of the benefits of treatment to improve health education material drugs they drugs they need. The cost can be as low as 25 pence per person per year, and the impact would be fast. The current situation in Africa, so that most people live near large rivers and lakes are not transmitted to the water-borne diseases, which is subject to previously plagued them, writes Professor Fenwick.The method that combines three different ‘bipartite visual representations ‘of genetic information, is described in an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. The work won a distinguished paper award when it was presented at the AMIA Summit on Translational Bioinformatics March 2015.

‘In the bipartite network you see both the individuals and their genetic profiling at the same time and cognitive, which is really important,’Bhavnani said. Control studies which individuals individuals and knowledge immediately which SNPs differs from others from others, and vice versa , you can at the SNP, to view as perform together, and the persons they co-occurring. This rich display to to quickly understand quickly understand the complex relationships in the data bipartite ‘.

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