The fight is always the girl in the appropriate educational institutions.

The new view is already affected as upbringing and education of children with Rett syndrome is approached. ‘There is more and more evidence in animals that enrichment and schooling can help synapses and strengthen,’says Khwaja. ‘The fight is always the girl in the appropriate educational institutions. If you are repetitive, and to communicate them to they they can actually learn, and that is probably because you are reinforcing these synaptic connections. ‘.

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Rett syndrome occurs almost exclusively in girls, is an X-linked neurological disorder leads to severe cognitive, motor and language problems and autistic behaviors Other features include loss of purposeful use of the hands., repetitive, stereotyped hand movements;. Slowed brain and head growth, and heart rhythm and breathing problems Although the affected children appear normal in the first six months of life, resulting symptoms, tragically, aged between 6 and 18 months, a prime period of synaptic development.

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