The final version of the budget resolution.

Congress approves FY 2008 budget resolution with an additional $ 50B for SCHIP expansionThe Senate version of the budget resolution on 23 Adopted March include a provision that the government tobacco tax by tobacco tax by 61 cents per pack raise to $ 35 billion for expanding SCHIP. In addition, include the version of the budget resolution a provision that would use $ 10 billion in reserves and $ 5 billion euros from reserves during the year 2015 for the expansion of SCHIP. However, the final version of the budget resolution , neither the regulations .

Would pay-as – you-go rules to restore last in effect in 2001, tax cuts or spending increases to would prohibit would ban without offsets in other areas of the budget, but the rules can be omitted if renew the Democrats this year, SCHIP, the AP / Journal-Constitution reports (AP / Atlanta Journal-Constitution .. Comments House said, in recent years, under Republican leadership, have the budget was bloated and stale in their thinking today we have a budget that is lean and have fresh in his mind.Have Audiologists a variety of specialties, which include, but are not limited to:.

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