The focus of emergency preparedness conference.

Are a group of hospital, outpatient and community representatives to discuss the model of a successful cooperation plan, the single track conference sessions provide a wide range of topics, such as the integration of best practices and compliance with the Joint Commission standards. The conference and pre-conference is for health care emergency staff, security officers, medical directors, Trauma care coordinators, safety directors, facility managers, operations directors, emergency response planners and members of the community agencies responsible for developing contingency plans recommended.

– The seventh annual Emergency Preparedness Conference ‘Collaboration, Continuity and Community ‘, will help provide the relevant knowledge and the tools available for health care providers when it are needed most. The conference was designed and by nationally recognized industry experts in health emergency preparedness developed and is presented by the Joint Commission and Joint Commission Resources. April 27 to 28 will be held April 27 to 28 at the Marriott Crystal Gateway in Arlington.. But The Joint Commission Host The 2014 Emergency Preparedness ConferenceWhen in the middle of a large scale emergency is the last thing that most organizations want to introduce health. However, contingency plans must be in place when a disaster or an unforeseen event strikes.Medicine.authors for to studies was Leah Passmore, Ronny Bell, Ralph D’Agostino Jr. Thomas Arcury, Sara Quandt, any to Wake Forest , and KM Venkat Narayan, with Emory University. The research was supported by to the CDC and of the Association of Teachers of finance preventive medicine.

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