The introduction of smoke-free legislation in Hong Kong in 2007 rx drugs.

The introduction of smoke-free legislation in Hong Kong in 2007, stimulated a 27 rx drugs .7 per cent increase in the number of calls to a youth quitline and a 27.5 per cent increase in the number of people consulting end. Moreover, the tax increase in 2009 increased the number of calls increased by 144 % and 111 % in counseling in the short term. – ‘These data show that the government is motivate to do political decisions the youth of Hong Kong to look for help to quit smoking,’said Dr. David Wong, Biostatistician, School of Nursing, The University of Hong Kong. ‘The government and health professionals should take advantage of this important finding to support smoking cessation in young smokers. And stroke study analyzed the number from calls of young smokers 12 weeks ago and announced after the announcement of the various tobacco control policies of the Hong Kong, get. Government .

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