The mouse models currently used have a very thin link to the most common form of Alzheimers.

‘The mouse models currently used have a very thin link to the most common form of Alzheimer’s,’says Blennow. ‘This is particularly evident when new drug candidates based on real people we are now have 100 molecules, which identified reduce the formation of plaques in mice with Alzheimer’s, but unfortunately do not have to a single drug slows the disease can be tested out at people. ‘.

‘And to do come up with new come up with new analytical methods. ‘.. ALZHEIMERhit with more than 100,000 people ,, Alzheimer’s most common diseases most common diseases. Due to changes in the brain , the nerve cells, the disease primarily affects the memory and often leads to an early death. Alzheimer’s does not only considerable suffering for patients and their families, but also enormous costs to society.

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