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The recipient of this $ 1,000 round of funding and their projects are:GrantsMarya Gwadz, NDRI USA Inc. New York, NY $ 119,598Recent changes in HIV testing recommendations – impacts on vulnerable Youth: Homeless youth are at particularly high risk of HIV infection and yet often not tested for the virus and not return for test results . Since CDC has recently recommended that all people be screened for HIV, Dr. Gwadz plans to investigate how many homeless youth are tested which factors influence their decision to be tested, and how HIV try counseling and access to medical care could test changing practices among homeless youth. Results of their studies will increase to design and test interventions, HIV testing rates target target population. Antiretroviral therapy Elias Haddad, Universite de Montreal, Canada $ 107,568.

The grant. Fellowships for HIV treatment optimizationThe Foundation for AIDS Research will provide almost $ 1.2 million for 10 new research projects in understanding the social and biological factors of HIV / AIDS affect the treatment of HIV / AIDS, Rowena Johnston amfAR has announced vice president for research.

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