The researchers their model using their model using non embryonic stem cells for use in humans tamoxifen weight gain.

The researchers their model using their model using non – embryonic stem cells for use in humans, it is important for many reasons, both scientifically and ethically, Bursac said recent studies have shown that some cells from human adults. Be reprogrammed be reprogrammed to be similar to embryonic stem cells. tamoxifen weight gain

The researchers grew the cells in an environment much like that found in natural tissues. It encapsulates the cells in a gel of the protein of the blood coagulation fibrin which provided mechanical support to the cells, heart,at They also found to form a three dimensional structure. They also found that the cardiomyocytes flourished only in the presence of a class of ‘helper’cells known as cardiac fibroblasts, which as much as 60 % of the cells include in a human heart. – ‘If you tried to grow cardiomyocytes alone, they develop into an unorganized mass of cells,’said Brian Liau, graduate student in biomedical engineering at Duke Pratt School of Engineering. In the lab in the laboratory of Assistant Professor Nenad Bursac, presented the results of his latest experiments during the annual scientific sessions of the Biomedical Engineering Society in Pittsburgh. – ‘We found that adding cardiac fibroblasts to the growing cardiomyocytes created a nourishing environment to grow the cells as if they were stimulated in a developing heart, ‘Liau said. ‘When we tested the patch, we found, because the cells are aligned in the same direction, they were contract like native cells. They were also able the electrical signals our experiments cardiomyocytes function to bear in a coordinated manner ‘.

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