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Ann Cahill, Vice President, Clinical Development, said, ‘It is important for us to continue Cloretazine in combination studies with different doses and schedules of cytarabine, the drug most often used in the treatment of AML. Moreover, we want Cloretazine will evaluated in a larger group of older patients as our our pivotal trial of Cloretazine as monotherapy Cahill conclusion ‘ ‘Cloretazine has shown activity in AML and MDS justifies further studies in the treatment of these devastating conditions, both as monotherapy and in combination with other therapies, ‘..

Dr. Ritchie commented.’We are very excited to explore to begin this regimen for AML and MDS patients, alkylating agent. Have as standard therapies for these individuals shown to be insufficient, there is a need for our further attention. Research and development of new treatment options. First clinical trials with Cloretazine in combination with cytarabine favorable favorable activity and compelling evidence for further study. The findings from this study brings us closer to our goal of finding the best treatment for our patients, extending the length, as well as to improve the quality of their lives. ‘. Vion Pharmaceuticals.The mutation causes an enormous increase in testicular cancer incidence from 5 % to 94 per cent. Though these dramatic increase in described in mouse has been was more than 30 few years, it has taken over until Buy now of being discovered to the identity of the gene itself.

Cells, first gene of of hereditary testicular cancer miceThis week, Nature magazine reported researchers find the first gene responsible for of hereditary susceptibility to of testes cancer in mice. The Ter mutation in a gene called dead end, which holds in the normal testicles a part in the a role in inherited forms one testicular cancer appears infants games.