The study of 279 inner-city African-American and Hispanic women was conducted before.

The results of the study support growing research area that the prenatal period a time when children are particularly susceptible to asthma-related risks. While somewhat similar results were reported in non – minorities, this study is at the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health and the first is an association between stress and wheeze in minorities reported. of of pediatric asthma by a nagging cough for days or weeks to sudden and scary breathing emergencies lingers rich, said allergist Rachel Miller, study’s senior author. With proper treatment, your child can sleep at night, to avoid missing time from day care or preschool, and breathe easy. .. The study of 279 inner-city African-American and Hispanic women was conducted before, during pregnancy and after birth.

‘This is because the hands are the most likely route of transmission of infectious agents from petting zoos. ‘.

Too often,evention guidelines in petting zoos is often ignoredA new study shows that simple guidelines to protect petting zoo patrons from germs found in the zoo often not respected, so too are the risks of contracting severe gastrointestinal conditions. The study is in the first July 2007, Clinical Infectious Diseases published.

‘Simple measures can be implemented the risk the risk of zoonotic disease transmission, ‘said Dr.Prof Prof. Uriel Bakhrakh are honored at RomeProf. Emeritus Uriel Bachrach which Hebrew University of Jerusalem received a special award which Rom, the award at four excellent scientists from Japan, the U.S. And Israel, the major contributions to did CANCEROLOGY.

Ephraim Katzir, former president of Israel.

Prof. Bakhrakh be one of the organizers the 11 th International Conference on Financing polyamine, cancer and other diseases which. This week in Tivoli, Italian.

Prof. Bachrach, since more than for more than 60 years as professor for microbiology of the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine from its inception was born in Germany immigrated to Israel, immigrated to Israel, where it earned his Ph.D.