The Taking Essential Steps for Testing Take action or TEST Act introduced by Rep.

The proposed legislation would permit CMS to impose intermediate sanctions prior to revoking a laboratory’s CLIA certificate where a proficiency testing sample was described another laboratory for confirmatory testing or as the laboratory does not really provide a specific test. As a result of this important statutory transformation, laboratories will no longer be unfairly punished when they follow the most common practice and refer a specimen to some other laboratory, stated Alan Mertz, President of ACLA. The TEST Act will avoid the wasteful period and expense that occurs when a laboratory’s CLIA certificate is definitely revoked, and allow laboratories to keep providing vital solutions to patients, Mertz continued..The team is working to build a next-generation, three-dimensional imaging microscope, called a Cell-CT scanner, that will perform functional computed tomographic imaging of specific living cells. This groundbreaking technology will allow researchers to observe and measure the cellular disease and function status of living cells, enabling scientists to get new insights into the metabolic pathways of disease, such as for example cancer. This next-generation Cell-CT scanner offers a transformative view of the biological structural and practical inter-relationships at the solitary cell level. Leveraging leading-edge technology developed by VisionGate, Inc. are finding the clues that may enable us to diagnose and treat cancer sooner, in more targeted methods.