Theseparticulate emissions have been the subject of heated debate for years propecia.

Theseparticulate emissions have been the subject of heated debate for years. People who live near industrial facilities delivered the smoke into the atmosphere and wonder how harmful it is. But visible emissions are not always particularly harmful propecia . The highest risk is posed by fine dust particles that can easily penetrate the human organism. These ultra-fine particles are difficult to measure because they are less than 100 nanometers in diameter.

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT in Aachen have developed a technique by which the composition of such particles can be precisely analyzed. The legal limits are based on particle emissions on the total weight of the particles, explains Dr. Cord Fricke-Begemann, project manager at the ILT. Large particles are much heavier than small ones. Weight measurements give information about the amount of ultrafine particles in the fine dust, but they are often more harmful than the larger particles. .

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