Today announced the signing of an expanded product license agreement for Xyrem.

In addition, announce expansion of Xyrem include License Agreement To fibromyalgia syndromeUCB and Jazz Pharmaceuticals, today announced the signing of an expanded product license agreement for Xyrem .

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Sodium oxybate, the active ingredient in Xyrem, a sodium salt of gamma-hydroxybutyrate. Gamma-hydroxybutyrate is a substance with a history of abuse when acquired illicitly and used illegally.Until today simply a limited amount of quantitative and age are based on the same principles as MRI, an imaging the endogenous the body’s internal structures of visualization. Either MRI and MRM able spin resonance a phenomenon that cores nuclei of atoms, when exposed to a magnetic field and pulses of radio waves. MRM uses stronger magnet for capture an image with a resolution 10-100 times finer than conventional MRI.

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