Too Few Women Get Counseling Before Breast Malignancy Gene Test: Study: THURSDAY.

Of those women, about 37 % reported receiving genetics counseling from a genetics professional ahead of testing, the analysis authors said. The most common reason reported by ladies for not really receiving this assistance was the lack of a suggestion from their doctor. The ladies who did receive genetic counseling by a tuned genetics professional displayed greater knowledge of BRCA and expressed greater understanding and satisfaction, according to the total results.The decreases were comparable for all age range, races, insurance and income. In the year after the guidelines were published, diagnoses of new low-risk cancers dropped nearly 38 % and continued to fall more rapidly than diagnoses of even more aggressive cancer. This shows that for low-risk cancers, the guideline acquired its intended effect, Barocas said. Furthermore, prostate cancer diagnoses fell by 23 % to 29 % among men over 70 and by 26 % among men who weren’t likely to live long enough to benefit from early diagnosis and treatment, the researchers found.