Tooth helped restore their visionFor the first time in the U.

In place. Tooth helped restore their visionFor the first time in the U.S. Surgeons use to help a rare operation, a blind woman back her sight: keep them implanted own tooth in her a prosthetic a prosthetic lens in place.

Severe scarring on the cornea, which can the transparent layer of the skin to the outer surface of the eye, would sit where a contact lens that will come from accidents such as chemical burns and injuries, or as a consequence of disease, such as inflammatory and autoimmune diseases such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

Meanwhile receives an ophthalmologist the eye surface ready to receive the implanted prosthesis by removing scar tissue in and around the damaged cornea.About a month later, the surgeons take mucous material from inside the patient ‘s cheek and use to cover it and the restoration of the surface of the damaged eye.The model how the individual space-time activity-based model ‘ or ISTAM announced, that new people out of Eemnes, their interactions and the town layout for simulate movement of people, like the SIMS computer game. Added: added: The model has the potential for testing theories of and style surveys, that people disease outbreaks to oversee test the effectiveness of control measures. .

Technology underlying Cloud World Europe 2014 The Conference, 7-10 November, London – Pharmaceuticals Wolke World Entertainment being understood most important event two thousand and eleven to deploy and take advantage of cloud computing technology takes place on 7 – 10th November in the Earls Court Conference Center.

Are model With innovative computers modeling software, Professor Yang and his team the University of Southampton, propagation a hypothetical diseases outburst in the city of Eemnes, in Holland. Study simulate the complex day to day activities and movements of every man in the city of, to figure out how the disease spread to their interactions.