Treated Ayres was one of the 27 patients in this open label study find the answers.

Treated Ayres was one of the 27 patients in this open label study, many of them experienced similar remarkable reduction of relapses find the answers . This study was not a controlled one other words, However, for manyup of patients to the drug treatment as compared to another group on a placebo. The ten new studies are controlled ones.

You can use this study in the Journal of Neurology August issue August issue.Mitoxantrone for treatment of cancer patients is used, it is so strong that only only for a short time. Copaxone is a slow acting disease moderating medication for MS patients. In this study, doctors have overlap the treatments because they wanted to build to give some time for Copaxone its effect. Head researcher, Mike Boggild said, was This regime is remarkably effective Although there are some risks, especially when using mitoxantrone, respectively, after the treatment by by using this agent for a brief training period. Offset the high risk of early disability for these patients appear results of this approach results of this approach. .

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