UM offers certain adult patients the CardioWest temporary total artificial heart.

Meanwhile, UM offers certain adult patients the CardioWest temporary total artificial heart , which completely replaces the lower part of the heart and takes over all pumping function.

– More than 5 million Americans suffer some form of heart failure, with 550,000 more each year. – Every year about 2,200 Americans receive a heart transplant, but many are too sick to be listed for a transplant, or die while waiting for one. – More than a dozen units have been approved to help failing hearts, or are in clinical trials. – The Joint Commission, which accredits health care organizations such as hospitals, has recently launched a program to VAD centers The of of high quality care to be certified.In Houston, Texas devastating disease. Signatures Predict Disease progression and prognosis of high-grade brain tumorsscholars has obtained valuable new insights the biology of aggressive, incurable brain tumors. A study conducted into the March edition of of Cancer Cell publish gene expression profiling utilizes the molecular profiles and signaling pathways of tumor aggressiveness and progression of the disease to be identified. This work provides clues as to lead What makes tumor formation and progressive and the researchers new paths to develop more effective treatments for this devastating disease.

High – gliomas are the common intrinsic brain tumors in adults and for their fast-growing, hard to deal with famous, and to most patients ultimately fatal. A team of scientists at Genentech, the Brain Tumor Research Centre using at University of California, San Francisco and which MD Anderson in Houston, Texas a clever genetic screening technique, a comprehensive analysis of samples several HGGS implement. The researchers were molecular subclasses of tumor, saw disorder for identifying the specific signal paths and clinical characteristics was diverse.