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‘Many men are extremely embarrassed for for sleep apnea, although it can lead to serious health issues. ‘.. Millions of people suffering from sleep apnea could sacrifice a good night’s sleep because they do not know treatment treatment, unaware of relief available, or are too embarrassed to snore Men Into Sleeping Beauties Transform After surgery. Help However, consolation to be as close as their local plastic surgeon’s office. Plastic surgeons at the forefront of identifying and treating sleep apnea is about the latest advances in surgery today at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons Plastic Surgery 2007 conference in Baltimore.

Radiation therapy is another option that has moderate success, but it can only be for people with minor conditions and requires multiple treatments. – to help the treatment of sleep apnea is one of the few plastic surgeons about ways health health and proper function of the patient talked, said Richard D’Amico, ASPS President. After all, the quality of sleep is an integral part of how we function properly. .

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