When Emma Levelle was created.

Using the WREX attached to a stand, Emma was able to slip her arms through the elastic bands and very quickly lifted her hands up to her mouth for the very first time, grabbing toys, meals and candy to her parents’ amazement. The WREX however was built with metallic parts and too large for a 25-pound little girl. Using a Dimension 3D printer, the researchers at a healthcare facility created a custom-designed, light-excess weight robotic exoskeleton that allows young Emma to conquer the restrictions of her disorder use her hands for the very first time to play.House of Representatives health system reform bills. ‘The time to create health system reform a reality is now,’ said J. James Rohack, AMA president. ‘These two bills were introduced collectively, and they together have to be passed. Both are essential to achieving meaningful health system reform this whole year.’ ‘On stability, H.R. 3962, The Affordable HEALTHCARE for America Action, is consistent with our principles of pluralism, independence of choice, freedom of physician practice and universal gain access to.