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The disease, which diabetes – treatment increase significantlyIn Australia, the cost of treatment for patients with type 1 diabetes is a staggering $ 170 billion, and this to $ to $ 340bn.Worldwide, approximately 220 million people are affected by diabetes – is the fastest growing chronic disease in the world. In Australia it is estimated 7 million people die of diabetes so. The sixth leading cause of death in the country, killing 1 in 13 of the population.

– Professor Bob Elliott, who studied more than 5 decades, has spent the disease, says:.

For some diabetes patients, it is possible, a procedure called islet transplantation, with islets from the pancreas of a deceased organ donor will be taken and transplanted into the patient to their pancreas to secrete more insulin, but the risk of rejection is high. This process also requires immunosuppressive drugs that cost about $ 250,000 per treatment, and can have unpleasant or dangerous side effects. Patient’s body. Prof Elliott said:.. The disease, which also known as juvenile diabetes, affects 10 percent of all patients, and the cost of treatment per person over a lifetime about $ 1 million.Phase Forward safety products will regulators regulatory authorities BioPharma, medical device manufacturers and Contract Research Organisations all the File Sizes and the proactive strategic pharmacovigilance programs. Product family behalf, Empirica referred to the importance of empirical data in decision-making process.

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