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University scientists have captured the first optical images of carbon nanotubes inside a living organism – First Glimpse of nanotubes in living animals http://cialishinta.com/kayttajakokemuksia.html . With fruit flies, the researchers confirmed, that a technique developed at Rice – near-infrared fluorescent imaging – detecting DNA-sized nanotubes in living fruit fly had. – Carbon nanotubes are much smaller than living cells and give them fluorescent light in a way that the researchers use to diseases hoping earlier than to discover possible, said research co-author Bruce Weisman, professor of chemistry. To do that, we must learn how to detect and monitor nanotubes inside living tissues, and we must also determine whether they pose any hazards to organisms. .

The nanotube-fed larvae also survived to adulthood as well as in the control group.With a custom-built microscope, the team aimed a red laser beam into the fruit flies. This excited fluorescent lamps from the carbon nanotubes, as they emit near-infrared light of specific wavelengths. The researchers were able special camera to special camera to view the glowing nanotubes in living flies. Videos constructed from these images clearly showed peristaltic movements in the digestive tract.

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