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The results of the study showed that each of the three escalating cell doses used as effective as Lucentis in this model of blood vessel leakage was to laser-induced damage, without significant cell-related adverse events. However, the combination of the Lucentis superior to a single injection of stem cells significantly in the company’s results to Lucentis alone prevent the development of severe blood vessel leakage prevented progression from mild to severe vessel leakage prevents recurrence of the disease and to prevent retinal detachment.

Reductions in the frequency of subsequent anti-VEGF injections into the eyes.. More importantly, the study showed that the combination of Lucentis with a single injection of the company stem cells resulted in a highly synergistic and significantly superior outcome to Lucentis alone preventing the development of severe vascular leakage prevent recurrence of the disease, causing the formation of new blood vessels and prevents retinal detachment. – ‘These are very exciting results, raise the prospect that our cells vision vision conditions abnormal blood abnormal blood vessels in the eye, while at the same time, so that doctors, the frequency or the frequency or dosage requirements of intraocular injections of anti – VEGF agents such as Lucentis, ‘said company founder and CEO, Professor Silviu Itescu.

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