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The researchers believe that their findings are a crucial first step in understanding the most aggressive form of this disease, you can now begin to look out neurology more info . New ways to cope with the disease in a more effective and possibly less toxic manner.

Medulloblastomas account for one fifth of all children’s brain tumors. They are most common in children between the ages of three and eight, but they can also affect young adults.Silvia Marino, Professor of Neuropathology at Queen Mary, University of London, led the study. She said: ‘This type of brain tumor can pose a great challenge for physicians in some children, treatment works well but in others the cancer is aggressive and far more difficult to deal with.

The U.S. Administration Activates Further components of National Disaster Medical Systems to U.S. Hospitals handle the survivors of earthquake in Haiti.

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In addition, experts assist to in Public Health from HHS Center for Disease Control and Prevention at team performing Shortly evaluations of ongoing monitoring of health conditions in Haiti for preventing and include additional health threats on the people of Haiti after the parties concerned earthquake.