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You together the molecular scale changes machine machine as it composed in action, ready to snip out a protein pre mature . Their work provides valuable clues as to how the molecular machine, a giant enzyme called tripeptidyl II keeps cells tidy and disease free -. It could also in the development of obesity – fighting drugs. A closely related enzyme in the brain can cause people to be hungry, even after eating a hearty meal. ‘We can now better understand how this very important enzyme carries out its work, which at the molecular level at the molecular level until now,’says Bing Jap, a biophysicist in Berkeley Lab’s Life Sciences Division. In eukaryotic cells. The research with scientists at the University of California at Berkeley and Germany Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry.

They also learned more about how the enzyme uses a molecular ruler to proteins into pieces that only span three radicals minced. ‘This work was valuable clues to how the giant enzyme results a very fundamental biological processes, with more insights to come,’says Jap. ‘The obesity-related hormone is a target of interest from many of the protease. There are probably other proteins and peptides, or discovered, this protease this protease. ‘.

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