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The median survival was6.8 months in the gemcitabine group.1 months in the FOLFIRINOX group. After six months, 31 percent reported a significant decrease in their quality of life. Those in the FOLFIRINOX group experienced significantly more side effects, such as diarrhea, weight loss, numbness in the hands and feet, and pain. However, the patient felt the side effects were worth it and would seriously undermine their quality of life.

The researchers said good that treatment should be used only for patients aged less than 75 years because of its high toxicity., You wrote: who are younger than 76 years, and who is 0, a good performance status ] or 1), no cardiac ischemia and normal or near normal bilirubin. ‘.The the UNSW scientists intended these problems carried using a technique , the cross-contamination is avoided and which sign whether or HPV genetic material is in the nuclei of from human breast cancer cell provides sampling. She confirmed their results to by looking for ‘traitorous ‘changes in, such as expanded nucleus surrounded by a characteristic ‘halo’HPV. The researchers will work on a new method which will work to test even quicker, cheaper and easier.

The investigation has been conducted by a team in UNSW School of Biotechnology and of Biomolecular Science, from Visiting Professor at James Lawson carried out shall be published in British Journal of Cancer.

Using genetic sensors, scientists tested of the University of NSW breasts Crab cell and found several strains of HPV of the have a high risk of initiation cervical cancer. HPV a causal role in 90-95 % of cervical cancers.